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What can an Occupational Therapist do?

What can an Occupational Therapist do?

An occupational therapist is very important in building your capacity in all areas of your life. An occupational therapist at Synergy Vision Disability and Care Services can help with all of the following:

  • Difficulty showering, using the toilet and other personal care needs.
  • Issues dressing, cooking and cleaning.
  • Trouble managing money and budgeting.
  • High level of fatigue; a tendency to sit a lot, avoid activities and/or avoid leaving the house.
  • Difficulty moving, such as standing up from a sitting position, either from a chair or a car seat.
  • Your wheelchair is damaged, broken or due for a replacement (if purchased before 2016).
  • Problems reading, writing and using technology.
  • Issues participating in sexual intimacy.
  • No home modifications available while reliant on a wheelchair.
  • You require relocation through the Department of Housing. Recommendations and the required paperwork will be provided.
  • Any miscellaneous difficulties with engaging in a task that is meaningful or important to you. This includes leisure activities which are often overlooked. Professionals are outsourced and worked with to produce strategies towards a desirable outcome.

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Synergy Vision Disability and Care Services occupational therapists service all Sydney areas including Sydney South West and West as well as the Gold Coast.


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