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Member Information

Synergy Vision works with individuals, their families and circles of support through a person-centred approach with the overall aim of enabling choice and achieving their chosen goals. There is an ongoing focus on continuously reviewing, improving and enhancing the support that they receive.
Synergy Vision has a commitment to quality and continuous improvement and as such, will seek the opinions and feedback of our clients to make sure we are delivering a high-quality service.

Commitment to Quality

Aims and Objectives

Services are provided under the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013, NDIA Code of Conducts and Provider Standards and the following aims and objectives:

  1. The organisation shall provide responsive and accountable corporate governance.
  2. Synergy Vision shall develop innovative and flexible opportunities within the community to support individual choice.
  3. The service shall seek to achieve quality outcomes for individuals with the best use of available resources.
  4. Through disciplined processes, our staff will be challenged and empowered to excel at providing quality services to individuals and carers and to achieve a rewarding career.
  5. Synergy Vision seeks to encourage the volunteer ethic and acknowledge the valuable contribution made by volunteers to the community.
  6. To promote principles of access and equity in every aspect of service delivery.

If you would like a copy of any Synergy Vision Disability and Care Services policy and procedures, please don’t hesitate to ask for a copy from your Coordinator.

NDIS Code of Conduct (NDIS Providers)

The NDIS Code of Conduct helps providers and workers respect and uphold your right to safe and quality supports and services.
Under the NDIS Code of Conduct, providers and workers must:
● act with respect for individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination, and decision-making following relevant laws and conventions
● respect the privacy of people with disability
● provide supports and services safely and competently with care and skill
● act with integrity, honesty, and transparency
● promptly take steps to raise and act on concerns about matters that might have an impact on the quality and safety of supports provided to people with disability
● take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all forms of violence, exploitation, neglect, and abuse
● take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual misconduct.

Our duty of care when providing services

Synergy Vision has a range of responsibilities in providing quality care to all our participants. The following is a detailed list of our daily programming requirements:
● Ensure safe and quality services to all our participants.
● Record Service Agreements and Service Bookings for all our participants.
● Provide a high level of quality and dignity in providing personal care.
● Communicate with carers daily regarding programs that individuals have been involved in and any changes to an existing program.
● Provide information and support to families to ensure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities and where required assist with sourcing independent advocacy or interpreting support.
● Maintain a process to support Participants to maximise their independence and to exercise their rights about the choice of lifestyle.
● Support individual procedures that encourage participation.
● Communicate with carers in the event of sickness or injury.
● Report any behavioural concerns daily.
● Ensure the communication needs of all individuals are met.
● Promote a positive image of individuals with a disability in the community.
● Provide information to carers promptly regarding the program.
● Empower and assist our individuals in working towards their chosen goal.
● Maintain privacy and confidentiality.
● Maintain a safe place of work for staff, including community venues and individuals’ homes.

Your Responsibilities while accessing Programs

  1. Contact us to notify us if you are unable to make any arranged meeting.
  2. Be polite and courteous to our staff.
  3. No smoking inside the building when with our team.
  4. Be considerate and show respect to our team and treat them as you would like to be treated yourself.
  5. Not to physically or verbally assault workers or any member of the community.
  6. Never engage in racial discrimination against our workers or other individuals.
  7. To let us know if you are unhappy about anything so we can assist you in resolving it.
  8. Not make inappropriate sexually directed comments to others and not to sexually harass any person, physically verbally or otherwise.
    When we come to your Home
    Our services are provided in your home, rather than coming to our offices. There are some work health and safety regulations that you must adhere to if we come to your home, as it becomes our staff’s workplace.
  9. No smoking in the house or where smoke will enter the house while a Synergy Vision staff member is in your home.
  10. No violence or swearing while there is a Synergy Vision staff member present or towards any Synergy Vision employee.
  11. There must be no sexual harassment towards a Synergy Vision worker.
  12. No one must approach the worker to request personal phone numbers or to request contact with them outside of the designated service times.
  13. All people who remain in the house while service is conducted must stay appropriately clothed and behave appropriately towards the Synergy Vision staff member and towards each other.
  14. Visitors to the home should remain minimal, and the Synergy Vision staff member should be advised of possible visitors before the service commences.
  15. If for cultural reasons you request shoes be removed inside your home, as it is a legal requirement that our workers must have covered footwear on at all times, we will provide shoe covers for our employees to use so we may continue to remain respectful.
  16. There must be a working smoke detector, and an electrical safety switch fitted to your house.
  17. There must be a Fire Extinguisher / Fire Blanket available in the event of an emergency.
  18. There must always be a First Aid Kit available.
  19. Your pets must be kept secured safely away from where service is taking place, preferably outside making sure the worker does not need to come into contact with them at any point.
  20. There must be no rubbish / dangerous materials left where service is to take place, the worker can deny service if they feel that the environment is unsafe for any reason.
  21. There must always be adequate lighting both outside your house (front porch light to always be working) and inside your house – especially if our workers are providing service at night.
  22. A WHS Home Inspection will be conducted at the commencement of service with you where possible issues/gaps will be identified before service can proceed; this will be reviewed every three months by your regular worker.
    These are a few of the most important legal requirements that you must adhere to for Synergy Vision to conduct service for you at your home. Please remember that these are legally binding and not at the discretion of Synergy Vision. If you refuse to adhere to these work health and safety requirements, we may not be able to provide in-home service to you.

Interpreter Services

Cultural and linguistic backgrounds of individuals are considered in the development and facilitation of all programs. If required, interpreter services to assist with discussions and meetings can be provided.
Synergy Vision will be able to organise telephone translation services for initial interviews, and face-to-face interpreter services for the more complex follow up conversations.
The Migrant Resource Centre / Migrant Service Agencies can provide information and support for overseas-born residents of Australia, particularly those who have arrived in Australia recently. A national enquiry line may be used for contact – phone 131 881.
Where possible staff of similar cultural backgrounds are rostered to work with individuals, and if a specific team are requested for service provision, all care will be taken to ensure this occurs.


Synergy Vision can provide a list of contact information to independent Advocacy Services upon request at any time an individual feels they may need assistance. Individuals have the right to independent advocacy and Synergy Vision can provide information and assist with gaining independent advocacy for you. Synergy Vision staff will assist with accessing this service when the individual may not be able to initiate the process themselves. You have the right to have an advocate present to assist you if you have a complaint.

● Self-advocacy skills are essential for everyone. Self-advocacy is merely acting on your own behalf without using a third party to negotiate outcomes.
● Self-advocacy is about communicating needs and wants to someone else. It involves taking responsibility for choices and decisions.

Developing Self Advocacy
To be a good self-advocate, it is essential to have the following:
● An understanding of their rights and responsibilities.
● An understanding of their own abilities.
● An understanding of what having a disability means in a community environment.
● An understanding of what options are available.
● An opportunity to develop and talk about an action plan.

What Staff Will Do

Encourage the Participants to find opportunities to develop self-advocacy skills. They can also support Participants to solve any difficulties that arise.
If you wish to find your own advocate one service available is at https://disabilityadvocacyfinder.dss.gov.au/disability/ndap/

Exiting Synergy Vision

An individual may choose to withdraw from Synergy Vision at any time for any reason, either on a temporary or permanent basis. All individuals are welcome to reapply for service with Synergy Vision.
Voluntary Exit
Voluntary exit from Synergy Vision is where the individual chooses to withdraw from the service. All efforts will be made by Synergy Vision to assist the individual in locating a suitable service to move to and minimise all risks involved.
Involuntary Exit
The Coordinator can suspend service when violent or disruptive behaviour is shown, where such conduct presents a physical or emotional danger to other individuals, staff or the community or whether the behaviour is self-directed or directed at any staff member, another individual or any other person.
Synergy Vision will commence procedures as per the Exit Policy to ensure that the individual can return to Synergy Vision at the earliest time.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Synergy Vision adheres to Privacy Legislation and implements the Australian Privacy Principles. Before commencement, information will be collected from the individual’s support network to assist in the development of an individualised support file. This details the full support requirements of the individual, and will also include creating an Individual Service Agreement which specifies the service that the individual will be participating in, as well as their consent, information, rights and responsibilities of both the individual and Synergy Vision, cancellation policies and privacy information. The information is strictly confidential and only accessed by support coordination staff working directly with the individual. The information is kept in a secure computer system at all times. Individuals and their carers are able to access their file, on request. The information is evaluated annually and updated as required. This information is stored according to legislative requirements. 
Privacy Statement
The Australian Privacy Principles is legislation developed by the Australian Government to ensure your privacy and confidentiality of information is maintained at all times.
Synergy Vision adheres to Privacy Legislation and implements the Australian Privacy Principles. A copy of the privacy policy can be found on our website.

Complaints, Feedback and Concerns

Synergy Vision prides itself on its standing culture developed around open and constructive communication. Individuals, staff & carers are encouraged to express any concerns or feedback that they may have, promptly. This also includes specific issues surrounding proposed changes in personnel. Individuals are informed of the availability of advocates and interpreters and are encouraged to utilise these services. Synergy Vision staff will assist individuals to access this important service where they are not able to initiate the process themselves. Individuals are aided by Synergy Vision staff to be aware of their right to utilise Advocates to assist and support the individual during complaints management processes. Each family is informed of their right to choose who they would like to discuss the complaint with. The process is documented clearly to assist in a prompt, and appropriate follow-up.
All staff are aware and proactive in recording and assisting with this process and receive training on what they can do to support the process.
Ongoing feedback is essential and assists with improving program quality and personal satisfaction. Outcomes from this process provide input for the staff as well as providing training opportunities or acknowledgement to other relevant parties.

What Do You Do If You Want To Leave Feedback?

Talk to the person involved or someone that you trust to speak to someone on your behalf. This could be a staff member, family member or advocate.
Arrange a meeting between the people involved, you have the right to bring an advocate or person to support and assist you, and help you speak about the issues and come to an agreement or ways to work things out; or
Call the manager, or
Go to our website and select the Complaints tab where you can make your complaint in writing or email [email protected]
If you are still not satisfied you can make a complaint to the NDIS Commission
Email at https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/participants/complaints
Or by Phoning: 1800 035 544

General Information

Preventing Abuse and Neglect during Service Delivery
Staff receive training on assisting individuals in avoiding discrimination in any form. There is training conducted with every staff member in the prevention of harm, neglect, abuse, discrimination, exploitation and violence of individuals; this includes mandatory reporting procedures. There is also training about bullying and the management of incidents of bullying both individual and staff related.
NOTE: Your consent is not needed for the use, disclosure or exchange of personal information if required or authorised by law in some instances including but not limited to child protection, urgent health and lawful investigation situations.

Quality Assurance

As part of the ongoing commitment of Synergy Vision to quality and continuous improvement, participants are asked to complete a Questionnaire periodically. This gives carers and individuals a constructive pathway to provide feedback on the service provided.

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