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The NDIS Terms of Business requires Synergy Vision and other providers to have conflict of interest policies.

As a registered provider of supports under the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Synergy Vision has responsibilities in relation to:

  • Managing general conflicts of interest.
  • Managing conflicts of interest in plan management and support coordination.
  • Offering or receiving gifts, benefits and commissions.

Managing general conflicts of interest

Synergy Vision’s team members ensure this when providing support to customers under the NDIS. Any conflict of interest is declared and risks to customers are mitigated.

All employees will act in the best interests of NDIS participants and other customers. Participants will be informed, empowered and able to maximise choice and control. Staff members will not (by act or omission) constrain, influence or direct the decision-making of a person with a disability or their family. This is to avoid limiting that person’s access to information, opportunities, choices and control.

Employees will ensure that Synergy Vision proactively manages perceived and actual conflicts of interest in service delivery. Employees will manage, document and report on individual conflicts as they arise, and ensure that advice to a participant about support options (including those not delivered directly by Synergy Vision) is transparent and promotes choice and control.

As required by the NDIA Terms of Business, all participants will be “treated equally, and no participant [shall be] given preferential treatment above another in the receipt or provision of supports”. See the section below.

Managing conflicts of interest in plan management and support coordination

Members of the Coordination Team performing support coordination functions will ensure that:

  • They declare to customers the potential conflict of interest of Synergy Vision, a provider of multiple services and supports.
  • The organisation will act as directed by the customer and in the best interests of the customer.
  • Customers will be presented with a range of providers to choose from. Staff will not seek to influence the customer to select Synergy Vision.
  • Customers will be presented with options regarding support delivery in the future. This includes whether they would like to be wait-listed with other providers.
  • Brief notes will be made confirming the advice given to the customer.

Gifts, benefits, commissions and the NDIS

Staff members cannot accept any gifts or benefits that cause them to act against the interests of an NDIS participant. They must have no financial or other interest that may affect the choice of provider or provisions to a participant. This includes the obtaining or offering of any form of commission by employees or Synergy Vision.

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