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Accessing the Community​

Program that provides home and community-based services to children and adults with disabilities who require the level of care provided in a nursing facility. These services are an alternative to institutionalization. They help a person live as independently as possible in community settings and promote optimal health, independence, safety and community integration.

Many individuals with a physical or cognitive limitation are aware that getting out and about in the community presents significant challenges.

Recreation and leisure activities are a critical dimension of the quality of life for all people, including those with disabilities. Community access is an important part of the life of a person with a disability, as it provides access to recreation tasks, social opportunities and enables an individual to develop skills and competencies.

What can Synergy provides by Accessing the Community?

Synergy Vision provides a range of Community Access programs to suit the individual needs of NDIS participants. Programs include:
  • Active Participation Program (formerly Day Program)
  • Individual Support
  • After School Care
  • Vacation Care
  • Social Groups
These programs aim to develop skills for independence, recreation and social inclusion. Our dedicated, trained staff will make every effort to provide the best opportunities and the best care to those who participate in these programs.