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About Us

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Synergy Vision’s purpose is to allow people to live and experience every amazing opportunity that they set their minds to; whilst providing the highest quality of care.

How does our knowledge in the industry differ: The teams' experience of their own children with disabilities - coupled with the experience working for the NDIS as planners and LACs, we understand and have the knowledge to ensure you maximise your supports.

Our strategy in support services stems from gaining an understanding of your interests and matching you with the best-fit support worker. And you know what, we understand that personalities sometimes don't gel, that's why we have a dedicated rostering team that is only a phone call away. Explain exactly what works and what doesn't and we WILL change your supports.

  • I have never meet a better team of people, you move heaven and earth for your clients, your staff are amazing!
    Anaabelle Chinnery
  • You and your staff are amazing, Zoe I 100% recommend your company to anyone.
    Princess Shorty

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Synergy Vision provides Disability Support Services to NDIS participants. With experience working for the NDIS, we know the ins and outs and can provide all the answers to your questions. Find out if you’re eligible for the National Disability Agency via the NDIS Checklist tool.

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